Creative Cell Phone Chargers

The Cube Magic is a battery charger that works on the electro magnetic induction principles; play with the cube, harness some energy and covert it to juice for recharging gadgets. Really awesome concept.
Designer: Zheng Weixi

Swedish designer Peter Thuvander has designed a yo-yo powered charger for iPhones and other Apple handheld devices. “The remote control needs only 30 cranks–which is nothing when you yo-yo,” says Thuvander. He’s also thinking about what road warriors call “opportunistic charging”: “I think I’d at least use it as an emergency device for all the dead iPhone moments I have.”

Solar-powered Tree Charger – Great concept from designer Vivien Muller for a modular, Lego-like little bonsai tree with 54 mini photovoltaic panels as leaves to soak up energy  from the sun and charge your gadgets.

Adapters get tucked away beneath a nice little tray, and your gadgets lay on top, basking in the shade.

Wrist Grip Charger by Mac Funamizu

HYmini harnesses the wind energy to be converted to electrical energy that is enough to charge your cell phones, iPods etc. Aattach it to your bike handle bar when you go cycling and you will have an extra 15 minutes chat on your cell phone. HYmini can be upgraded by mounting solar panels on it enabling it to harness solar energy in addition to wind energy.

The Solar Rolls by Brunton are convenient rolled up, flexible solar power panels that may be taken with you anywhere. They come in 4.5, 9 and 14 inch sizes.


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