Cool Corkscrew Designs

Playful and unusual Corkscrews that are fun to use!

Kikkerland Day of the Dead Corkscrew

Designed by Stephanie Suarez as part of the mexico design challenge.

Kangaroo Corkscrew

A sleek and sculptural corkscrew shaped like a little kangaroo with a handy bottle opener at the end of its tail.

Handlebar Mustache Bottle Opener / Corkscrew

Designed by Steve Buss

HOOTCH-OWL corkscrew

Modeled after the famous hootch owl design from the 1930s, this double-lever corkscrew is as powerful as it is charming.

The Fish Corkscrew

An innovative and unique fish design corkscrew by Hahn, with a high quality chrome finish.

Anna G Corkscrew Bottle Opener by Alessi

Let Anna G help you open your wine, and keep her smiling face out on the counter for all to see.

Urban Trend Planetary Corkscrew

What do automatic transmissions, electric screwdrivers and corkscrews have in common? They all use planetary gears: the “sun” or the center gear engages all three “planet” gears or outside gears for maximum efficiency. Planetary gears are ideal where ruggedness and high torque are needed. Opening a corked bottle can really be a chore. With the 6:1 gear ratio in the Planetary Corkscrew, removing the cork is easy.


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