The Time Killer, the Angry Lamp and more


A series of household items by Weng Xinyu entitled ‘Good Medicine Tastes Bitter.
“Good medicine tastes bitter.” said Confucius. Although its taste is not so pleasant, at least it cures the disease. What’s more, it keep us awake.

Time Killer – The Clock That Tries to Kill Itself.

If no body is present, it slowly cuts its body through. Whenever somebody approaches, it halts. As the blade sinks deeper and deeper with time, the passage of time now becomes a vivid scenario which lead us to endless contemplation.


Angry Lamp – The Lamp That Turns off, if It’s Not Needed.

It keeps an eye on how people use energy. If it’s too bright, or if another lamp is already on, it will turn off immediately. It also turn off if the user forgets about it.


Tangible Memory – The Poetic Photo Frame That Arouses Love in Heart.

If it’s left alone for a long time, the photo will blur, as if memory itself is being forgotten and fades away. If the user touches the photo frame, the glass slowly becomes clear and the picture reveals itself.


Shadow Play – The Lamp That Turns Light and Shadow into a Shadow Puppet Theater.

The poetic dynamic interplay between light and shadow through time enhances the perception of the world through a daily object.




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