Jet Flame Pencil - 1300 Degree Torch

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jet flame pencil

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jet flame pencil


Our Pencil Torch is loved by outdoor enthusiasts and hobbyists alike with it's reliable flame and compact size, it can't be beat.  Whether your passion is camping, fishing, hunting, or backpacking, the pencil torch is a necessity for quick, easy, reliable fire every time.  An inner loaded support helps easily ignite the 1300 degree flame.  Can be used for welding, removing paint, repairing jewelry, melting lock sets, melting led-- the possibilities are endless.

*Butane gas required for use.  When first using, fill the lighter with butane gas, preheat for one minute, open the air flow chamber wider to allow oxygen to feed, then ignite. 

Material: Metal & ABS
Weight: 62g
Color: Black
Design: Pencil
Dimension: 165 x 25 x 20mm (L x W x H)
Capacity: 3.5g
Pressure inside : 0.35~0.05 MPA
Continuous burning time: No more than 8 minutes
Delivery usually takes up to 2 weeks.